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Our Story

Starting in February of 2020, Wild Health began performing COVID-19 testing for its patients in our in-house lab. These patients eventually asked us to test their families, then at their horse farms, which then became the Kentucky Derby in May of 2020.

Throughout 2020, we grew to testing to over 200,000 people, at 70+ locations in 18 states. At its peak, our team of 250 tested in 15 places on a single day. At each step, we offered these services completely in house & turnkey, with our own scheduling software, our own collection staff, our own transport services, our own lab & lab software, and our own results reporting software.

Our clients included major universities, Fortune 500 companies, as well as small local businesses and community organizations. Through a relationship with the University of Kentucky we were eventually able to offer free COVID-19 testing to citizens of the Commonwealth throughout Kentucky. By the last month of 2020, we were performing as many as 4,000 PCR tests in a single day with a 96% 8 hour turnaround time.

Due to our commitment to excellence and ability to execute, we were offered the opportunity to facilitate the Test-To-Stay program for the K-12 schools throughout the Commonwealth. This stretched our operation to all corners of the state, serving 350+ schools.

Even with all the testing efforts, In late March of 2021 we began offering COVID vaccinations to many of the same businesses, schools, and community organizations that we had previously offered COVID testing.

As of January 2022, our total testing numbers have climbed to over 700,000 with the same level of turnaround speed of the gold standard PCR test, but we now also offer the Binax Now rapid test, which provides results to patients in less than an hour. Our staff grew to 1000+ and we currently test at as many as 73 locations in a day, averaging 5,000+ tests per day. In regards to vaccine efforts, Wild Health has now set up pop-up vaccination clinics in over 500 locations and performed 75,000+ total vaccines. Just as with testing, we offer all services in-house and fully turnkey.

Our services & locations

You can interact with the map below to find the location nearest you and additional information by clicking into the pin. Red pins are testing only and blue pins are testing & vaccination.

If you are interested in having Wild Health come to test and/or vaccinate please fill out an interest form based on your type of organization

As required by section 4202 of the CARES Act, Wild Health's cash price for COVID tests that are billed to commercial insurance providers are as follows: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) $200 and Antigen (Rapid Test) $85

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Please view our General Vaccination Clinic FAQs here for your facility or the Patient FAQs here.

If you have any vaccination clinic questions please call or text the Wild Health clinic onboarding team at 859-594-7408.