12 Month Personalized Health Program

The best health plan is one that's personalized for you

We take a comprehensive look at your genetics, lab work, and lifestyle to build a plan for optimal health. Your dedicated health team will help you turn those insights into results that maximize your health, energy, and vitality.
Annual Payment
1 Month free
$114 /month
+ $195 startup fee
Monthly Payment
$125 /month
+ $195 startup fee
HSA/FSA Accepted
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Your Plan Includes:
12 Months Of Ongoing Care
Unlimited Health Coaching Visits
Unlimited Messaging With Your Health Team
1 Comprehensive Provider Visit
Advanced Genomic Testing Of Over 700,000 SNPs
In-Depth Precision Health Report with 500+ Biomarkers Analyzed
Personalized Diet, Recovery & Supplement Plans
In-Depth Medical History & Lifestyle Assessment
Primary Care Support For Prescriptions, Referrals & More
25% Discount on Thorne Products
Advanced Testing Add-Ons
Unlimited Discounted Additional Visits

More About Membership

Do I have to travel anywhere to get care or is this program fully virtual?

Wild Health is a telemedicine company, so all appointments will take place via video calls. We have found that this works well for our patients, as it allows them the convenience of completing appointments in a location that works best for them. Your DNA kit is shipped to your home with a pre-paid label to make testing easy.In regards to lab testing, you would go to a local LabCorp near you to get that order completed. The lab order and instructions will be sent via email once you purchase a panel at checkout. All of your appointments, messages, health records and more are done via our proprietary patient portal, Clarity.

What happens at my first visit?

At your first Physician visit, you will sit down with a Precision Medicine Provider and a Health Coach for about an hour and review your customized health plan in detail to make sure you understand it entirely. Your customized health plan is created when we place your DNA and lab results into our Algorithm. This will provide you with a very detailed plan about your perfect foods, exercise plan and sleep strategy. It's a long report and personalized to your DNA, which means you are getting protocols that are very specific for you and nobody else.

What information is in this “Wild Health Personalized Report” I’m getting and how will it help me?

This report breaks down all the information in your genome and goes over the important Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), what they mean and how this affects you. We will also include the actionable lab results (if available) and how they correspond to your DNA. Recommendations are then built to give you a roadmap to transform and optimize your health. Our recommendations utilize the principles of epigenetics, or how to turn the advantageous genes on and the disadvantageous genes off. The report and our recommendations focus on nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and habits.

How do you protect my DNA & data?

We use healthcare grade encryption and we will never sell your data. Moreover, DNA collection kits are de-identified before arriving at the facility running our patients' genomes. Wild Health is the only entity that can match a DNA kit to a person. Wild Health does not share or sell any data with anyone else including insurance companies. We use the data exclusively for our own research to help improve the quality of our recommendations and the health of our patients.

Do you accept HSA/FSA?

Yes, we accept both HSA and FSA cards. It is important to note that we always recommend that our patients reach out to these entities directly, as guidelines vary. 

What can I expect from this program? What kind of success have you driven?

Whether you want to prevent cancer, lose weight, reverse diabetes or just have more energy throughout the day, Wild Health is for you. Our patients experience outcomes that far exceed usual care. In our most recent patient outcomes analysis, we observed results such as an average 39% improvement in inflammation (CRP), 26% improvement in triglycerides, and 31% improvement in glucose in our patient population across 3 months.

Where do I go if I have more questions?

You can read more FAQs here, call us at (859)-955-8547 with any questions or email us at