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Get a fully personalized & comprehensive health report covering everything from diet to exercise to sleep so you can live like a Spartan on & off the race.

Healthcare Made For Spartans

Personal, Precision Medicine

We combine cutting-edge genomic medicine, biomarker testing, biometric tracking, and your personal goals to develop a holistic health plan. Unlike traditional medicine, we recognize each patient is unique, and your health plan should be as well.

Preventative Health

Our approach is lifestyle first. We focus on root causes rather than symptoms and aim to prevent disease, not just treat it. We’ll work to optimize your fitness, diet, sleep, recovery, supplements, and lifestyle for a better and healthier you.

Primary Care

We go far beyond traditional primary care, but we’re still here for your everyday health needs and take responsibility for your overall care. Whether you need a prescription or a specialist referral, we can cover your primary care needs through telemedicine.
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Your Precision Care Plan Includes

  • A comprehensive health report, covering everything from your optimal diet plan to recovery routine, based on your unique genes and biomarkers
  • An expert health team - with a dedicated doctor & health coach - trained in Spartan methodology
  • A proactive lifestyle-based health plan to keep you healthy as you age rather than pushing pills and procedures after a crisis
  • An interactive dashboard to track your ongoing and measurable improvement as your health optimization plan yields results
  • Primary care support for one-off needs like illness, injury, prescriptions, referrals and more
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Made To Maximize Performance

Decrease in Inflammation
Improvement in Insulin
Increase in Heart Rate Variability
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*Based on aggregate Wild Health patient data

With precision medicine, we can help everyone perform their best based on their genetics.

How It Works

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Pick Your Plan

Select the level of care that’s right for your lifestyle, and personalize your plan to fit your needs and budget.


Complete Testing

We’ll collect inputs through an intake questionnaire, bloodwork, genetic biomarkers, wearable data, and more.

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Review Your Health Plan

Receive personalized recommendations on diet, movement, recovery, and more, all tailored to your biomarkers and goals.

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Receive Ongoing Care

Meet with your health coach and doctor to track progress against your health plan and address your ongoing health needs.

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See For Yourself

Hear from our athletes & patients how Wild Health has transformed their life, energy and performance.
"Wild Health has given me the most comprehensive look at every aspect of my health from exercise recovery to Alzheimer's and cancer prevention. My Wild Health team helps me leverage the latest science to not only prevent disease long-term, but also optimize the health and performance goals most important to me today."
- Dr. Julie Foucher, 4x CrossFit Games Competitor
"I’ve been using Wild Health for over a year now, to optimize my performance and recovery. The difference in my body composition, performance outputs, and resiliency have been the best of my career and life. Wild Health uses DNA testing, extensive bloodwork, and cutting edge protocols - all to help me tap into my genetic potential."
- Mason Cole, Pittsburgh Steelers Player
"Wild Health is a company that’s committed to helping its clients achieve peak health by first taking a comprehensive physiological snapshot from the inside. I believe that dialing in my nutrition and supplement game with Wild Health was the factor that enabled me to once again podium in 2021."
- Dr. Dave Hippensteel, 9x CrossFit Games Competitor, 3x Gold Medalist
“I have spent a lifetime eating what I thought was a healthy, organic diet, yet as it turns out, included more animal fat than my body needed. Couple those food choices with focused exercise and a variety of sports, I have enjoyed at least a standoff with the negative impact of my genetics.”
- Mia , Wild Health Patient & Competitive Athlete

More About Membership

Do I have to travel anywhere to get care or is this program fully virtual?

You are not required to travel to one of our locations before getting the process started. We are very comfortable doing virtual visits initially and this works well for our patients. In terms of labs, you would go to a local LabCorp near you to get that order completed, no need to come to one of our offices. The lab order would be sent via email once you sign up online.

What happens at my first visit?

At your first Physician visit, you will sit down with a Precision Medicine Provider and a Health Coach for an hour and review your customized health plan in detail to make sure you understand it entirely. Your customized health plan is created when we place your DNA and lab results into our Algorithm. This will provide you with a very detailed plan about your perfect foods, exercise plan and sleep strategy. It's a long report and personalized to your DNA, which means you are getting protocols that are very specific for you and nobody else.

What information is in this “Wild Health Personalized Report” I’m getting and how will it help me?

This report breaks down all the information in your genome and goes over the important Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), what they mean and how this affects you. We will also include the actionable lab results (if available) and how they correspond to your DNA. Recommendations are then built to give you a roadmap to transform and optimize your health. Our recommendations utilize the principles of epigenetics, or how to turn the advantageous genes on and the disadvantageous genes off. The report and our recommendations focus on nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and habits.

How do you protect my DNA & data?

We use healthcare grade encryption and we will never sell your data. Moreover, DNA collection kits are de-identified before arriving at the facility running our patients' genomes. Wild Health is the only entity that can match a DNA kit to a person. Wild Health does not share or sell any data with anyone else including insurance companies. We use the data exclusively for our own research to help improve the quality of our recommendations and the health of our patients.