Wild Health was founded in response to a broken medical system, one focused on sick care instead of healthcare.

Using our passion for preventative health, and grounded in our backgrounds in precision medicine, we’ve developed Clarity - the world's first true precision medicine algorithm.

Through advanced machine learning, we combine DNA analysis, biometrics, microbiome testing, and phenotypic data to give you a blueprint for truly optimized health and a maximized health span.

Unlike traditional medicine, we recognize that healthcare should be as unique and personalized as every patient it serves.

Every day, we're committed in building a better approach to healthcare. 
One that doesn’t treat health like it’s one-size-fits all.
One that doesn’t operate on trial and error.
One that doesn’t treat patients like a number.
One that lets you be in control.

We’d love for you to join our mission - sign up below if you’re interested in working with us or email us at to say hi or with any questions!