What is the Wild Health DNA Kit?

How do I get a Wild Health DNA Kit?

How do I complete the Wild Health DNA Kit?

If I have already done another DNA test like 23andMe or Ancestry, can that be used and will providing your own test deduct from the total cost? 

Is it recommended to add on labs?

If I add on labs, what is included?

Who can I speak with before signing up?

What is the difference between precision medicine and traditional medicine?

What is the role of the Health Coach?

I don't have DNA or labs and I don't want to wait until those results get back to talk with a physician. Can I schedule a meeting, or do I have to wait until the results get back?

Are there any coupons or discount codes?

Do I have to physically travel anywhere to get the process started or do initial lab testing in person? Am I able to join Wild Health 100% virtually?

Can an HSA or FSA card be used for payments to Wild Health?

What might a treatment plan look like/entail?

What if I sign up and along the way need additional testing?

What test do you use for Gut Microbiome testing?

Are any of the vitamins or supplements included in the price?

Does Wild Health track Oura Ring data?

I am a health practitioner and am curious about learning Precision Medicine. Am I able to do that somehow?

Do you accept patients of all ages?

What are my next steps once I sign up?

What do I need to do prior to having my labs drawn?

Before my lab draw, do I need to stop taking supplements?

Where can I have my labs drawn?

What do I need to do before I can have my first visit with the Provider?

What happens at my first Provider visit?

What is the Epigenetic Age Test offered at checkout?

What is the benefit of adding on the Epigenetic Age Test kit?

How do I get an Epigenetic Age Test kit?

I didn't add an Epigenetic Age Test kit at sign up. How can I add one on?

What information is in this "Wild Health Personalized Report" I'm getting and how will it help me?

What does the process entail?

Do you see international clients?

Who will be involved with my care and how I do know they are certified and capable?

Will you share my genetic data with insurance agencies?

If someone is in the medical profession and has access to their own labs, can they use those instead of LabCorp labs through us?

What is the Wild Health Fellowship Program?

How do you keep my DNA and data secure? 

I'm nervous about what my DNA might show, I don't think this is for me...

What kind of medications can you prescribe?