5 Diabetic Friendly Fall Recipes

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If you’ve been following along, here at Wild Health, we’re really focused on eating seasonally – when produce is freshest and highest in nutrient-density. So, for the very festive month of November, which also happens to be Diabetes Awareness Month, we’ve put together a list of five recipes that are fit for the season and diabetes-friendly (low carb and low sugar).

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Asparagus and Mushroom Frittata

This frittata comes together quickly and satisfies the need for a super savory, vegetable-packed meal any time of the day. Naturally, the base is made of high-quality eggs for a good protein source, with the additions of iron-rich spinach, nutrient-dense asparagus, and rich, meaty mushrooms to boost your immune system and cognitive function. Even better, if you can tolerate dairy, a creamy goat’s cheese adds that bit of tang and a silky texture to finish it off.

Kale and Chicken Soup

We love soup season. When there’s a chill in the air and darkness settles in earlier, throwing everything into a single pot to simmer away until dinnertime is a simple comfort. This kale and chicken soup could not be easier – with a short list of ingredients you’re likely to have on hand already. The focus is really on the simplicity of the aromatics and layering of flavors.

Cranberry Pork Chops

With Thanksgiving around the corner, this dish feels like an amuse bouche to your big turkey dinner. But, cranberries need not be reserved for that one day of the year alone! These little berries are packed with antioxidants and have been shown to improve immune function and decrease blood pressure. A tart and tangy cranberry sauce complements these succulent center-cut pork chops perfectly – just served a vegetable on the side and dinner’s served.

Curried Beef with Mashed Parsnips

This low-and-slow recipe is incredibly wholesome and warming, rich in spices and deep flavors that the beef soaks up while cooking for 5 hours. Again, simple ingredients and a focus on spices allows you to achieve layers of complex flavors that are incredibly satisfying when served over creamy, mashed parsnips.

Cauliflower Soup

If not roasted or riced – or reborn into any number of gluten-free alternatives – cauliflower can be completely transformed into the richest and silkiest of soups. Another simple soup recipe that requires little more than throwing everything into a pot to simmer, this cauliflower soup recipe is bound to become a staple and can be cooked and stored for easy meal prep.