The Health Apps our Team Loves

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In pursuit of health and human optimization, the team at Wild Health tries and trusts some interesting and cutting-edge technology to enhance their health and wellbeing. So, we asked everyone from our physicians and health coaches, to engineers and marketers which health apps they use the most in their daily lives.


  • Cronometer - “Cronometer has been a great tool to help me measure any modifications and/or changes I do with my nutrition. The breakdown of all the macro and micronutrients into an easy to read form allows me to stay accountable to my goals and adjust my nutrition strategy on a day to day basis.  Tracking my food through the app also provides me with some great accountability!” - Steve Weatherholt, Health Coach

  • LoseIT - “Lose it! is basically a MyFitnessPal clone, but with one big upgrade - the ability to scan barcodes in the free version and have all the nutritional information loaded into the app to track calories and macros. It will also guide you to better calorie intake information. For instance, you set your target weight and target date and then Lose It! will change your daily calorie allowance as you log entries each day. Lose It! will also give you a target calorie goal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, so you are not starving yourself all day and then having a large dinner just to meet your calorie goals.” - Jayson Gerbec, Growth Marketing Manager


  • Waking Up - “I really enjoy this personal development and mindfulness app for multiple reasons. There is a great variety of content with different instructors. Plus they offer a 28-day intro course for beginners, which is fantastic.” -Dr. Mike Stone, Premium Precision Medicine Physician  

  • Habit Tracker - “This app is simple, inexpensive (free), and allows me to make sure that I'm completing all the tasks I’ve set out for myself on any given day. It also tracks my streak of how many days I've checked all the boxes, which is very satisfying.” - Dr. Mike Stone


  • Mendi - “This is a new app that I’m trying out that helps train your brain to send more oxygenated blood to the prefrontal cortex, help with calm, focus, and flow state. It's like neurofeedback, but measures blood oxygen levels instead of brain waves. Pretty cool.” - Dr. Mike Mallin, Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

  • The Tapping Solution - “I initially downloaded The Tapping Solution as a recommendation from Dr. Julie Foucher, and it was really helpful to ease my anxiety around flying and other moments of high stress!” - Anastasia Medytska, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Othership - “This breathwork app has a wide range of breathwork types - from activating to relaxing to holotropic and psychedelic options.” - Dr. Mike Stone


  • The Wild Health App - “I’ve really loved using the Wild Health App during my own health journey. I can easily directly message my care team, ensuring that I have the latest workout and diet recommendations, which has helped me establish a real routine for the first time. I’m also always participating in the weekly challenges which motivate me to stay on track and hold myself accountable.” - Felix Vandelanotte, VP of Product

  • Oura - “I just switched to the Oura from Whoop and I got the Natural Cycles subscription, as well, and that has been super cool! It’s only been a couple weeks so far, but the body temperature tracking and correlation to ovulation has been super interesting! It originally predicted ovulation on one date based off of information I input, then yesterday it updated the date when it recognized my temperature change.” - Shannon Cole, Health Coach & Product Manager


  • Fit On App - “I  use FitOn for workouts, stretching, yoga, and strength training. There’s both a free and a paid option. It’s really affordable and has frequent discounts. The best part about it is that no matter how much time I have (or don’t) I can find a workout or stretching routine to help keep me active.” - Brittany Dennis, Billing Manager

  • BTWB - “ I love this app because you can plan, log, and analyze all of your workouts. I have logged all my workouts for almost 15 years now.” - Dr. Julie Foucher, Precision Medicine Physician

  • GoWOD - “GoWOD will test 10 different areas of mobility and create a custom 15 minute stretch for you each day to work on areas of weakness. I found my posterior chain and hamstrings were my least mobile area and was probably compromising my form on heavy deadlift days. I worked with GoWOD and increased my posterior chain mobility from 35% to 52% in just 3 months of stretching. This has resulted in less soreness in my back when doing deadlifts because I am better able to maintain form with my increased mobility. It can also create a custom warm up and cool down for you if you enter the specific movements you will be doing each day in your workout.” - Jayson Gerbec