The Secret to Optimal Metabolic Health? Ketones. Here’s What to Know

June 28, 2022
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Have you ever heard someone claim that they’ve got a fast metabolism? Or maybe you’ve felt like your own metabolic health has changed as you’ve aged or as your body has changed. But for many people, their metabolic health is a total mystery. You may not understand how to boost your metabolic health, what might affect your metabolism, or heck – even what metabolism actually entails.

It all comes down to one word: ketones. Here’s your guide to what ketones are and what they have to do with ketosis and your metabolic health. Plus, we’ll introduce you to the first drinkable ketone for an easy, science-backed way to elevate your ketone levels.

What are ketones?

Your body usually runs on glucose by converting sugar into energy. But sometimes, if you’re low on glucose or your carbohydrate storages are depleted, your body breaks down fatty acids for a burst of energy. Ketones are the result of that process. When your blood ketones are greater than0.5 millimolar (mM), you are in a state called ketosis. The similarly-named ketogenic diet consists of a low-carb, high-fat diet that’s designed to help your body enter ketosis.

Relying on ketones (instead of glucose) for energy can have a beneficial effect on your metabolic health. For example, ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier, so they’re an important energy source for the brain (in fact, many people report feeling extra focused during ketosis).

Ketones are also more efficient than other energy sources (like glucose), meaning they can produce more power with less oxygen –a benefit so compelling, the U.S. Military considered putting the Navy SEALS on a ketogenic diet at one point.  

Endogenous vs exogenous ketosis

You might be familiar with a keto diet, but did you know that there are two different types of ketones? It’s true: endogenous ketones, which are created internally; and exogenous ketones, which come from outside sources.

Endogenous ketones are produced within your own body – naturally-occuring  ketones, if you will. Usually, your body enters ketosis when you follow a specific high-fat, low-carb diet or prolonged fasting. Gradually, your body uses all its carbs and your insulin levels are reduced, which makes your body turn to your fat stores to burn for fuel.

Exogenous ketones are more of a hands-on approach to entering ketosis. With this method, you can take certain supplements to help your body achieve ketosis without the regimented diet. Plus, with ketone supplements, ketosis happens at a much faster rate than the gradual onset that comes from following the ketogenic diet.

At the end of the day, when your body is in ketosis, it doesn’t truly matter how you got there. Both endogenous and exogenous ketones are effective means to get the metabolic health benefits of ketosis.

Benefits of ketones

Whether you’re a dedicated CrossFit athlete or just someone looking to boost your focus a bit, ketones can help. The benefits of ketones include:

  • General health: Ketone levels give a glimpse into your overall metabolic health. Ketones may increase your lifespan, boost your energy levels, regulate glucose, and support weight management. Notably, ketogenic diets can have anti-cancer and tumor-suppressing effects.
  • Brain health: Let the mental fog lift! Ketones and ketosis are associated with improved mental clarity and focus. Some people report that the mental boost of ketosis is so significant, they’re able to tell exactly when their bodies enter ketosis. In one study, a six-week ketogenic diet even improved symptoms of mild cognitive impairment.
  • Faster recovery: Are you training for a major athletic achievement or making a commitment to a consistent exercise routine? Your body needs to recover efficiently, and ketones can help with that. Ketosis supports enhanced endurance and faster recovery by reducing inflammation and boosting glycogen and protein synthesis.

A science-backed way to elevate your ketone levels

Unlike the gradual (read: slow) ways to enter endogenous ketosis through diet, exercise, and fasting, drinking ketones has been shown to rapidly elevate your ketone levels and help you return to a more natural metabolic state. H.V.M.N. recently launched Ketone-IQ™️ – an effective, affordable ketone drink that can quickly get you into ketosis. H.V.M.N. delivers optimized health via modern nutrition with a commitment to label transparency, active research, and data-driven decisions. Plus, its products are backed by athletes like professional cyclist Vittoria Bussi and ultrarunner Jeff Browning, and Lance Armstrong.

We recently spoke to their founder on our podcast to learn all about the science behind drinkable ketones. You can listen here for an even deeper dive into the world of ketosis and ketones.

Your genetics and lifestyle will determine what your body needs to enter ketosis, and the advanced testing at Wild Health can give you that insight. To learn more about how ketones might help you optimize your health, book a free consult here.

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