Our Process

A Stepwise Approach to Achieving Optimal Health

Our team takes a comprehensive look at your genetic analysis, laboratory results, microbiome, and lifestyle factors in order to craft a plan that fits your health, fitness, and longevity goals.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

John Muir



Addressing cardiac, neurologic, performance, fatigue, or any other issue requires us to focus first on the entire system, so we start with your DNA. We sequence your DNA to analyze all of your genetic advantages, predispositions, and disadvantages. This makes up your human operating system, and knowing this code is critical to optimizing your health.


Extensive Testing

Next, we take a comprehensive look at your current health through blood testing to evaluate your lipids, thyroid function, cardiovascular risks, hormone status, minerals, vitamins, and any factor that can affect how you feel and perform.


Lifestyle Factors

All of the data we have gathered at this point is valuable, however we need to evaluate it in the context of your life. So, now we take a closer look at the things we can't measure through a test. For example:

  • What do you eat? When do you eat? With whom do you eat?
  • How is your family life? What about your social life? Who do you love and spend time with?
  • When do you go to bed? How do you sleep? When do you wake up? Do you wake up with an alarm? Do you wake up multiple times throughout the night?
  • What do you do for exercise and recreation? How often and with whom?
  • What are your hobbies? What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your main short-term and long-term goals?
  • Do you have religious or spiritual beliefs? How much stress do you have in your life and how do you deal with it? Do you have a mindfulness practice?

True Personalized Medicine

Finally, we combine this wealth of information to create a complete health optimization plan for you. We use a layered approach to identify your ideal diet, exercise regimen, supplements, bedtime routine, and other lifestyle factors.


Do you have genetics that make you need more choline, folate, or Vitamin D? Does your DNA make you very sensitive to gluten, dairy, refined carbohydrates, or saturated fat?

Blood Testing

Do you have insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, or other deficiencies in vitamins, thyroid, or hormones that need to be addressed?

What do YOU like to eat?

This is critical. We think food should bring joy to your life, not just make you healthier. We will aim to give you a realistic food plan that you can enjoy.

The integrated and personalized care I have received from Wild Health knits a tighter picture of what I need to do, and more importantly, why I need to make changes to maintain health, mobility, and wellbeing as I roll through life. A home run approach.

Wild Health Patient