Wondering Exactly What a Wild Health Health Coach Does? Here’s Your Answer

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You probably understand what a personal trainer does, and how a nutritionist can help you find the best diet for you — but what about a health coach? Here’s exactly what a Wild Health health coach does, and why it’s so important to have a health coach in your corner.

What is a health coach, anyway?

While apps and online platforms can dictate certain programs and approaches that may work for you, they lack the personalization and interaction that a health coach can give you. At Wild Health, our coaches blend the intelligence of the AI technology we use to analyze your data with the human element that allows coaches to adjust plans and strategies based on your personal preferences.

Think of a health coach as your own personal, extremely knowledgeable guide to habit change and every health-related question you have.  Using evidenced-based coaching techniques such as motivational interviewing, health coaches are your partner in change as you progress along your journey towards better health.

Accredited providers, like our health coaches, help you track progress, work through obstacles, make adjustments, and address questions or concerns in real-time – not to mention, they act as your accountability buddy. Wild Health coaches are change agents more than just information experts. They help to empower you through your journey of change and support you along the way through various coaching techniques like motivational interviewing.

That “accredited providers” part is key, by the way. As the field of personalized health care and coaching continues to develop, studies are beginning to demonstrate that health and wellness coaches can significantly impact health outcomes, especially as training becomes more standardized.

How can a health coach support my wellness journey?

First, you have unlimited access to your health coach — whether you have a question about skipping a workout due to a sore muscle, or you’re wondering the best way to approach a stressful season at work, your health coach is on hand to help you navigate potential obstacles in reaching your peak performance.  Your coach is also available to you whenever you need via direct messaging, either through the Clarity Patient Portal or conveniently via the Wild Health App. That way, there are fewer barriers between you and the results you’re aiming for.

At Wild Health, our coaches are also incredibly knowledgeable, thanks to educational backgrounds in behavior change, genetics, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness — all of which are pillars of optimal health. Our coaches also have foundational medical knowledge, meaning they understand the mechanics of how your body works and are prepared to help our clients set appropriate wellness-related goals for themselves.

And that goal-setting part is key for how a health coach can help you. According to Global Advances in Health and Medicine, “The actual coaching process entails goal-setting determined by the patient, encourages self-discovery in addition to content education, and incorporates mechanisms for developing accountability in health behaviors.” Research backs this up: One systematic review found that among 11 randomized controlled trials studying the use of health and wellness coaches across diverse populations and treatment modalities,  almost all of the trials showed an improvement in at least one outcome (with the most commonly studied outcomes being weight, blood pressure, and fruit, vegetable, and fat intake).

In short, a health coach can support you in whatever wellness goals you’ve set for yourself, whether that’s reducing chronic inflammation, improving your diet, or simply feeling energetic enough to play with your kids. Learn more about how Wild Health can help you optimize your health through the help of a health coach here. Or, learn more about what goes into a Wild Health personalized report by reading this article.