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Unparalleled Outcomes

Clinically Proven Results


Reduction of Inflammation

Patients at risk of cardiovascular disease saw a 69% reduction in C-Reactive Protein (CRP) – an inflammatory marker used to help determine cardiovascular disease risk.


Improvement of Diabetic Markers

Patients at risk for diabetes saw a 47% improvement of Hemoglobin A1C (HgA1C) – a measure of average blood sugar levels, providing an indication of early insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.


Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Patients at risk for cardiovascular disease saw a 58% reduction in Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL-P) – the ‘bad’ cholesterol and a biomarker that helps measure cardiovascular disease risk.

Personalized Care Plans for Optimal Health

We analyze your genetic, biometric, and lifestyle data to create a personalized blueprint for optimal health and elevated performance.

Genetics + Bloodwork

An in-depth analysis of your DNA and bloodwork serves as the foundation for a personal health plan.


We help you regulate your sleep cycle and improve your quality of sleep for restoration and optimal daily function.


In prioritizing mental and spiritual health, we help you build a consistent mindfulness practice for peace of mind.

Diet + Nutrition

We believe nutrition underscores good health. We provide custom diet plans that will fuel your body best.

All Included in Your Personalized Health Plan

Comprehensive Health Analysis
Personal Health Report & Plan
Dedicated Care Team

Exercise + Recovery

Our experts provide tailored training regimes covering exercise and recovery to help you achieve your fitness goals.


We make macro- and micronutrient recommendations to help you build a flourishing inner-ecosystem.

Chronic Disease

We calculate your risk for chronic disease and work to reduce the risk factors to improve your health span and longevity.

What does membership include?

Advanced Genetic Testing of 700,000+ SNPs
Advanced Bloodwork Testing of 68+ Biomarkers
55-Minute Annual Visit with a Board-Certified Precision Medicine Physician
Quarterly Follow Up Physician Visits
Quarterly Follow Up Lab Testing
50-page Personal Health Report
Thorough Medical History & Lifestyle Assessment
Unlimited Health Coaching Sessions
Personalized Health Plan Covering: Nutrition, Exercise, Recovery, Supplements, & more
Unlimited Messaging
25% Discount on Thorne Products
Advanced Testing Options
Care Support for Prescriptions, Referrals, & more
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Custom Genetic Analysis (700,000+ SNPs)
In-Depth Personal Health Report
4x Physician Visits
4x Lab tests (68 Biomarkers)
Unlimited Health Coaching Sessions
Unlimited Direct Messaging
Access to Wild Health Mobile App
Access to Member Learning Hub
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Client Testimonials
What Wild Health members are saying:
Client Testimonials
What Wild Health members are saying:
"Once I was introduced to Wild Health and instituted their recommendations based on comprehensive bloodwork and genetic testing, my life literally changed within a few days. My energy levels increased and general malaise disappeared. My message to all who want to make a positive change in the quality of their life in a natural way is to join Wild Health."

Jordan M.

Age 41 • Goal - Energy

Client Testimonials
What Wild Health members are saying:
"I had been trying to get into shape and lose the same 5 lbs for the past 10 years. I’m pushing 60 and after a health scare last year, I wanted to take charge to improve my health. I decided to sign up for Wild Health and less than five months later, I’ve lost 20 lbs, decreased my BMI from 24 to 21, lowered my body fat to 22%, and lowered my blood pressure. But most importantly, now I am in charge! I know exactly what to do to maintain this new found health."

Sharon H.

Age 60 • Goal - Weight Loss

Client Testimonials
What Wild Health members are saying:
"Wild Health has been nothing short of an answered prayer. Historically, I have strictly avoided the medical system due to their heavy reliance on pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures instead of building a true foundation of health. Now, I have a relationship with both a physician and health coach who are combining their knowledge with genetic analysis to make targeted lifestyle-behavior changes to optimize my health."

Natalie T.

Age 48 • Goal - Holistic Health

Meet Our Team

Put Your Health in the Best Hands

Dr. Matthew Dawson
Co-Founder & CEO
Dr. Mike Mallin
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer
Dr. Julie Foucher
Physician & 4x CrossFit Games Athlete
Dr. Jeffrey Graham
Senior Physician & Medical Director
Dr. Mike Stone
Senior Physician & Chief Education Officer
Dr. Carl Seger
Senior Physician

Still have questions?
We've got answers.

What is the Wild Health Genetic Test Kit?
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Most of the medical world follows what are referred to as ‘general guidelines’ based on statistics to provide diagnoses and treatments that work for the majority of people. We created a proprietary DNA kit that reports on specific genetic single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that our physicians have hand-selected based on their importance to health, wellness, and human potential. These SNPs affect blood vessels, nutrient absorption, nerve function, performance, fatigue, and many other functions. Our approach requires us to focus first on the entire system, so we start with your DNA. We sequence your DNA to analyze the genetic advantages, predispositions, and disadvantages that make up your human operating system. Knowing this code is critical to personalizing a plan to optimize your health.

Will my genetic data be shared with anyone?
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We ONLY share information with whomever the patient tells us. If an insurance company requests medical records, we contact the patient to authorize the release. In 2008, Congress passed the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) to prevent the unauthorized release of information. You can read more about that HERE.

Who can I speak with before signing up?
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A member of our team would love to discuss your personal health goals and concerns to help determine if Wild Health’s Precision Medicine is a good fit for you. Please give our office a call at (859) 439-0400 anytime M-F from 9:00am-5:00pm EST or schedule a free informational consultation by clicking HERE.

How does Precision Medicine differ from traditional medicine?
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Most of the medical world follows what are referred to as ‘general guidelines’ based on statistics to provide diagnoses and treatments that work for the majority of people. In Precision Medicine, we start with your DNA and an extensive lab panel (if purchased) to get a holistic picture of your health. With your results, we review genetic factors unique to you, as well as personalized interventions to turn certain genes on or off – we can turn “on” your good genes with certain lifestyle choices. We combine all of this into a personalized health plan just for you.

Can an HSA or FSA card be used for payments to Wild Health?
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Yes - we accept both HSA and FSA cards. It is important to note that we always recommend that our patients reach out to these entities directly, as guidelines vary. 

Are any of the recommended vitamins or supplements included in the price?
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Wild Health has a partnership with Thorne supplements, in turn offering all of our patients a 25% discount on their products. We work very closely with Thorne and trust their process and standards, so we feel comfortable recommending them to patients. Your Health Coach, in partnership with your Physician, will discuss which supplements are best for you.