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A personalized, high-touch medical experience designed to extend longevity, elevate performance, sharpen mental acuity, and maximize health span.


Care plans are customized to your individual data and preferences – not based on generalized guidelines.


Our holistic approach covers everything from diet and exercise to neurobehavioral health and chronic disease risk.


We are a team of leading providers with clinical outcomes ranging from increased energy to complete disease reversal.

Why Premium? Hear about how we developed this exclusive offering

Premium Medical Programs to Exceed Your Health Goals


$20,000 annually
A high-touch medical experience uniquely developed to maximize your mental and physical performance.
Comprehensive Genetic Analysis
Diamond Lab Panel (200 biomarkers)
Unlimited Physician Visits
2 x Advanced Testing Options
Unlimited Health Coaching Sessions
Unlimited Follow-Up Labs
Executive Care Coordination
In-Depth Personal Health Report
Regular Sessions with Specialized Coaches
Biometric Tracking Device
Premium Member-Exclusive Events


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An all-inclusive, concierge medical experience designed to extend longevity and maximize your health span.
Includes all benefits of Premium Peak, as well as:
Direct Access to Concierge Doctor

Get unlimited and direct cell access to your dedicated, board-certified Precision Medicine Physician.

24/7 Access to Care Team

Your care team – on demand. Connect with your doctor, health coach, and care coordinator whenever you need.

Unlimited Advanced Testing & Imaging

Everything from advanced cancer screenings to VO2 max tests, all precision testing options are included.

In-Person Services

Get unlimited and direct cell access to your dedicated, board-certified Precision Medicine Physician.

* Space is limited to 50 patients per physician.

Clinically Proven Results


Reduction of Inflammation

Patients at risk of cardiovascular disease saw a 69% reduction in C-Reactive Protein (CRP) – an inflammatory marker used to help determine cardiovascular disease risk.


Improvement of Diabetic Markers

Patients at risk for diabetes saw a 47% improvement of Hemoglobin A1C (HgA1C) – a measure of average blood sugar levels, providing an indication of early insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.


Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Patients at risk for cardiovascular disease saw a 58% reduction in Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL-P) – the ‘bad’ cholesterol and a biomarker that helps measure cardiovascular disease risk.

What Our Members Are Saying:
"Wild Health gave me some of the deepest, most comprehensive insights into my health from any digital product I've tried. It's the future of personalized healthcare."
Ben Greenfield - Author, Biohacker, CEO
"Wild Health has been invaluable in helping me show up with the energy I need to perform at my best in work and life with their world class diagnostics and having the greatest co-pilots to evolve my health."
David Astorino - Senior Partner, RHR International
“As a busy executive, I’m always looking for high-impact ways to improve my health. Wild Health’s program has given me that and provided me with many beneficial new insights about my health.”
Jon Bischke - CEO, Anvil and Executive Chairman, Hanu

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wild Health do?
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Wild Health is a personalized, genetics-based Precision Medicine company. We leverage advanced machine learning to synthesize an individual’s genetic, biometric, and phenotypic data to generate a personal health report around which we customize care plans that our providers guide members through to achieve their health goals.

How does your premium program compare to similar offerings?
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Our Premium program is the most comprehensive and effective concierge medical service on the market. You can see how our program stacks up to other options HERE

Do you have physicians on-staff?
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Yes – we have a full staff of board-certified physicians who have specialized training in Precision Medicine and other areas. Our health coaches are accredited professionals who provide members with support, guidance, and accountability throughout their care journey. Our providers are licensed to service patients in all 50 states.

What does my membership include?
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We have two Premium Program options: Peak and Elite. See the comparison charts above for an overview of what’s included in each – or reach out to us at to talk directly with someone on our team.
Premium Peak Program Overview
Premium Elite Program Overview
Precision Testing Options (ALL Included with Elite Program)

Can I upgrade my membership?
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If you're currently on a Core or Peak membership, you may upgrade to Peak or Elite at any time. Send a message to your Care Coordinator or email to discuss.

What is the Wild Health Genetic Test Kit?
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Most of the medical world follows what are referred to as ‘general guidelines’ based on statistics to provide diagnoses and treatments that work for the majority of people. We created a proprietary DNA kit that reports on specific genetic single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that our physicians have hand-selected based on their importance to health, wellness, and human potential. These SNPs affect blood vessels, nutrient absorption, nerve function, performance, fatigue, and many other functions. Our approach requires us to focus first on the entire system, so we start with your DNA. We sequence your DNA to analyze the genetic advantages, predispositions, and disadvantages that make up your human operating system. Knowing this code is critical to personalizing a plan to optimize your health.

What is a biological age test?
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Rather than your chronological age, this at-home test measures your epigenetic or biological age – how fast or slowly your body is aging at the cellular level. Determined by analyzing your DNA methylation, your biological age is more accurate for identifying factors affecting your aging rate. Aging is the leading risk factor for multiple chronic diseases, so the impact of slowing your biological aging process means, quite literally, adding more healthy years onto your life. For more information, please visit this page.

Will my genetic data be shared with anyone?
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We ONLY share information with whomever the member tells us. If an insurance company requests medical records, we contact the member to authorize the release. In 2008, Congress passed the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) to prevent the unauthorized release of information. You can read more about that HERE. We guarantee 100% confidentiality with all of your information.

What is outlined in the Personal Health Report?
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The Personal Health Report covers in detail all key pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, and recovery, as well as your chronic disease risk and microbiome health. The report is generated by feeding our proprietary algorithm your genetic, biometric, and lifestyle data from DNA test, bloodwork, and intake forms. Our physicians make precise recommendations for your care plan based on these results.

Which specialized testing and imaging options are included in my membership?
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Our Premium Peak program includes Wild Health’s custom Genetic Test, which analyzes over 700,000 SNPs, and 2 additional specialized exams, as you choose or otherwise indicated by your physician. A Diamond Blood Panel, as well as unlimited follow-up labs are also included.

Our Premium Elite program includes Wild Health’s custom Genetic Test, as well as any additional testing or imaging you choose or your physician indicates, such as: Full Body MRI, DEXA Scan, Dutch Hormone Analysis, and 10+ more.

What add-on services are available?
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Our add-on services range from private chef and meal service options to emergency care and hormone specialists. Send a note to your care team or email for more information.