Raising the Bar in Health Care

No more band-aids over symptoms and treatments based on generalized guidelines.
Medical Intake:
Build a strong foundation of knowledge about your own body.
We begin by building a strong knowledge base on each individual, inclusive of a comprehensive DNA analysis, custom lab panel, family history, medical intake, and lifestyle preferences. Having multiple data points to reference reduces uncertainty while helping you to know your body better.
Genetic Analysis:
Custom DNA sequencing to discover your genetic code.
Wild Health’s custom genetic analysis analyzes over 700,000 SNPs, or genetic variations, that our physicians have identified as the most relevant to your health and wellbeing. This sequencing reveals your personal needs across key pillars of health.
Lab Testing:
Measure and monitor the most relevant biomarkers for health.
Quarterly lab testing roots our approach in data. We actively monitor progress and changes by analyzing specific biomarkers against optimal value ranges – as opposed to normal, conventional ranges. A few decimal points can make the difference in delivering proactive care with significant impact.
Physician Visits:
Regular visits with your physician leads to better outcomes.
A lot can happen in a year, so we’re moving beyond the annual physical. Clinical analysis revealed that the most profound outcomes occur when there are more physician touch points and repeat labs within a year. Quarterly physician visits means managing and adjusting care plans along the way.
Health Coaching:
Get ongoing support and accountability from  a dedicated coach.
Health coaching is an integral part of implementing sustainable behavioral change; its impact should not be understated. Our accredited health coaches offer accountability and support in implementing the clear and actionable interventions within your care plan.
Biological Age Test:
Cutting-edge epigenetic age test
Your epigenetic or biological age – determined by analyzing your DNA methylation – is more accurate for identifying factors affecting your aging rate. Aging is the leading risk factor for multiple chronic diseases, so the impact of slowing your biological aging process means, quite literally, adding more healthy years onto your life.

Our Member Journey


Begin with your DNA analysis, an in-depth blood panel, thorough medical intake, and intro call with your Coach!


When the results are in, meet with your Physician to review the data, refine goals, and map out your custom care plan.


Begin implementing the actionable interventions from your physician, while meeting regularly with your coach.


Start achieving goals and setting new ones, retesting to track progress, and refining your plan with your providers.

Genetics-Based Medicine

A Custom Blueprint for Better Wellbeing

Precision Medicine is a personalized, data-driven approach to delivering care that addresses root-causes through lifestyle-first interventions across several key focus areas. This active form of medicine moves with you through every stage of life.

*Wild Health is HIPPA compliant and nevers shares or sells your genetic information with anyone. Please see our Privacy Policy here.

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The Key Pillars of Health

Genetics & Bloodwork

A custom and comprehensive analysis of your DNA and bloodwork.

Nutrition & Supplementation

Personalized diet and supplement recommendations to fuel your body.

Exercise & Training

Tailored training recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Sleep & Recovery

Interventions to improve your sleep quality for optimal function.


Helping you build a mindfulness practice for peace of mind.

Chronic Disease Risk

Targeted interventions around chronic disease risk to improve your health span.

Our Clinical Team

Fully Certified and Accredited Providers

Dr. Matthew Dawson
Co-Founder & CEO
Dr. Mike Mallin
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer
Dr. Julie Foucher
Physician & 4x CrossFit Games Athlete
Dr. Jeffrey Graham
Senior Physician & Medical Director
Dr. Mike Stone
Senior Physician & Chief Education Officer
Dr. Carl Seger
Senior Physician

Still have questions?

What is the Wild Health Genetic Test Kit?
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Most of the medical world follows ‘general guidelines’ based on statistics to provide diagnoses and treatments that work for the majority of people. We created a proprietary DNA analysis that looks at over 700,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), or single genetic variations, that our physicians have hand-selected based on their importance to health, wellness, and human potential. These SNPs affect things like blood vessels, nutrient absorption, nerve function, performance, fatigue, and many other functions. 

Our approach requires us to focus on the entire system holistically, so we build a foundation with your unique genetics. We sequence your DNA to analyze the genetic advantages, predispositions, and disadvantages that make up your human operating system. Knowing this code is critical to personalizing a plan to optimize your health across all key pillars: nutrition, exercise, recovery, sleep, microbiome, neurobehavioral, and chronic disease risk.

Will my genetic data be shared with anyone?
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We only share information with whomever the patient instructs us to. If an insurance company requests medical records, we contact the patient to authorize the release. In 2008, Congress passed the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) to prevent the unauthorized release of information. You can read more about that here.

Who can I speak with before signing up?
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A member of our Care Coordination Team is happy to discuss and help determine if a Wild Health’s Precision Medicine membership is right for you. For Standard inquiries, please call our offices at (859) 439-0400 anytime from 9:00am-5:00pm EST Monday through Friday, or schedule a free informational consultation by clicking here. For Premium inquiries, please email premium@wildhealth.com.

How does Precision Medicine differ from traditional medicine?
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Most of the medical world follows what are referred to as ‘general guidelines’ based on statistics to provide diagnoses and treatments that work for the majority of people. In Precision Medicine, we start with your DNA and an extensive lab panel (if purchased) to get a holistic picture of your health. With your results, we review genetic factors unique to you, as well as personalized interventions to turn certain genes on or off – we can turn “on” your good genes with certain lifestyle choices. We combine all of this into a personalized health plan just for you.

Do you accept HSA or FSA cards as payment?
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Yes – we accept both HSA and FSA. Please note that we always recommend our patients reach out to these entities directly, as guidelines may vary.

Do you accept insurance?
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Not right now, but we hope to accept insurance soon. If you would like your insurance to cover Wild Health, we recommend letting your insurance carrier know! If you’d like to request that your insurance company cover the cost of a visit that you’ve already completed, please let our support team know. We would be happy to provide you with a super bill that you may submit to your insurance company to request reimbursement for Wild Health services.

Can I upgrade my membership?
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Yes – if you’re currently on a Standard or Premium Peak Membership and would like to upgrade to either Premium Peak or Elite, you can send a message to support or email premium@wildhealth.com to discuss.